21 Set user account preferences

In User settings, you can change the display language of DHIS2 and the language of the database. The database language is the translated content of the metadata, such as data elements and indicators. You can also choose a display style, and enable or disable SMS and email notifications. If you wish to, you can choose to display a short name, such as “Joe” in the analysis modules, rather than your full name.

In User profile, you can add personal information to your profile such as your email address, mobile phone number, date of birth, profile picture and more. When you send messages, the person receiving the message can see these profile details. You can also provide account names for various direct messaging services, which will be used by the system.

In Account settings, you can reset your password and setup 2-Factor authentication. Setting up 2-Factor authentication will require you to download the Google Authenticator app on you mobile device.

In the View full profile section, you find a summary of your profile details. This section includes a few fields that you cannot edit yourself, such as user roles and user organisation units.

In the About DHIS2 section, you find a list of details about the DHIS2 instance.