15 Using the Event Reports app

15.1 About the Event Reports app

With the Event Reports app you can analyse events in two types of reports:

  • Aggregated event reports: Pivot table-style analysis with aggregated numbers of events

    By selecting Aggregated values from the top-left menu you can use the Event Reports app to create pivot tables with aggregated numbers of events. An event report is always based on a program. You can do analysis based on a range of dimensions. Each dimension can have a corresponding filter. Dimensions can be selected from the left-side menu. Similar to the pivot tables app, aggregated event reports may be limited by the amount of RAM accessible by the browser. If your requested table exceeds a set size, you will recieve a warning prompt asking whether or not you want to continue.

  • Individual event reports: Lists of events

    By selecting Events from the top-left menu you can use the Event Reports app to make searches or queries for events based on a flexible set of criteria. The report will be displayed as a table with one row per event. Each dimension can be used as a column in the table or as a filter. Each dimension can have a criteria (filter). Data elements of type option set allows for “in” criteria, where multiple options can be selected. Numeric values can be compared to filter values using greater than, equal or less than operators.