10 Zambia WASH: Mobile surveillance using DHIS2

The government of Zambia is actively working towards an end to open defecation—a huge challenge for many governments. Akros is supporting the government in this goal through water, sanitation, and hygiene programs that use mobile surveillance technology at the community level. The community level data collection and feedback system, which relies on DHIS2, has demonstrated that over 2.5 million Zambians have gained access to adequate latrines in rural areas since 2014.

10.1 Zambia in a few words

Zambia is a landlocked, primarily-rural country in sub-Saharan Africa. Of its ten provinces, eight are rural. The population relies on a mixture of construction, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and other sectors for economic prosperity. However, in spite of recent economic growth, as of the 2013-2014 Demographic Health Survey more than half of the population did not have access to improved sanitation facilities.