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DHIS2 Tracker improving surveillance of Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) in Somalia - DRAFT
Leishmaniasis – what is it?
Who is affected by Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL)?
Tackling VL in Somalia
Ongoing WHO-supported training and surveillance programs
Improving VL surveillance with DHIS2 Tracker and Event Capture
Importing retrospective surveillance data into DHIS2 Event Capture
Using DHIS2 for prospective data collection
Several planned phases for gathering VL data
An intermediary solution for now
DHIS2 in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan, Iraq
Key implementation challenges
What's ahead?
In the news
Handy resources
Contact us!
West Africa Regional Systems and DHIS2
Zambia Education Management System (EMIS)
Rwanda HMIS powered by DHIS2
DHIS2 tracker e-Registry in Palestine
Tanzania: Integrated Health Information Architecture
Tanzania: Integrated Health Information Architecture
About this use case
Tanzania country profile
Moving from multiple tools to a unified system
Before DHIS2
Introducing an integrated HIS in Tanzania
A gradual, national HIS rollout
Building a robust HIS
Unforeseen changes to the administrative structure
Reducing standalone programs
Lack of trained personnel and geographical coverage
The outcome
What are the lessons learned?
Apply a gradual incremental process
Develop and endorse a comprehensive national plan
Establish a trustworthy relationship
Build capacity at national, regional, and local levels
Get other health programs involved
Dedicate the right amount of time and resources to your program
DHIS2: a Management Information System at PSI
About PSI
Why did you choose DHIS2 at PSI?
How did you roll out DHIS2?
How many PSI countries are using DHIS2?
How are you implementing DHIS2?
Do you provide DHIS2 training?
Which parts of DHIS2 are you using the most?
How do you help DHIS2 users?
Do you embed DHIS2 into other apps?
The Health Network Quality Improvement System (HNQIS) app
The Malaria Case Surveillance app
Zambia WASH: Mobile surveillance using DHIS2
Zambia in a few words
What is WASH?
Tackling Open Defecation
What is Akros?
Before DHIS2
Utilizing DHIS2 for WASH
Scaling up DHIS2-WASH from 2013 to 2016
Working in a tribal context
Maintaining an active interest
Choice of phone technology
Rollout and Adaptation
Clear, simple processes
Defining Roles
Promote a sense of responsibility
Lessons learned