Quality missions to get reliable data. WAHO is actively working with countries to find the right indicators for their specific context. There are currently about 80 essential indicators in the regional data warehouse. They cover many areas such as demographics, disease burden, health service utilization, health financing, human resources and epidemic diseases. At the moment it is the epidemiological indicators that are being reported by countries, but the plan is to expand with the rest in 2016. There is indeed no one size to fit all and that is why WAHO is taking things on a case-by-case basis; working out which countries would benefit the most from certain sets of indicators more than other countries would. In the long run, if we can identify the right data measuring tools for each country, the data we will then collect will be of higher quality, which will drive better decision making.

The WAHO data warehouse is still in its early days. However, the organization is on the right track to building a solution that will, we all hope, bring unity and cohesion to how data is shared in the ECOWAS region.