10.10 File menu

Use the File menu to manage your maps. Several menu items will be disabled until you open or save a map.

Saving your maps makes it easy to restore them later. It also gives you the opportunity to share them with other users as an interpretation or put it on the dashboard. You can save all types of layer configurations as a favorite.

10.10.1 Create a new map

Click File > New .

NB! This will clear the current map layers you have without saving.

10.10.2 Open a new map

  1. Click File > Open . A dialog box opens with a list of maps.

  2. Find the favorite you want to open. You can either use < and > or the search field to find a saved map. The list is filtered on every character that you enter. You can filter the list by selecting Show all , Created by me or Created by others .

  3. Click the name of the map you want to open.

10.10.3 Save a map

When you have created a map it is convenient to save it for later use:

  1. Click File > Save .

  2. Enter a Name (required) and a Description (optional) the first time you save a map.

  3. Click SAVE .

10.10.4 Save a copy of a map

  1. Click File > Save as…

  2. Enter a Name (required) and a Description (optional) for the map.

  3. Click SAVE .

10.10.5 Rename a map

  1. Click File > Rename .

  2. Enter a new Name and/or Description for your map.

  3. Click RENAME . The map is updated.

10.10.6 Translate a map

  1. Click File > Translate .

  2. Select the Locale (language) your translation.

  3. Enter a translated Name and Description . The original text will show below the field.

  4. Click SAVE .

10.10.7 Modify sharing settings for a map

After you have created a map and saved it, you can share the map with everyone or a user group. To modify the sharing settings:

  1. Click File > Share . The sharing settings dialog opens.

  2. In the text box, search for the name of the user or group you want to share your favorite with and select it.

    The chosen user or group is added to the list of recipients.

    Repeat the step to add more user groups.

  3. If you want to allow external access, select the corresponding box.

  4. For each user group, choose an access setting. The options are:

    • None (for default groups only, as they cannot be removed)

    • Can view

    • Can edit and view

  5. Click CLOSE to close the dialog.

10.10.9 Delete a map

  1. Click File > Delete . A confirmation dialog is displayed.

  2. Click DELETE to confirm that you want to delete the favorite. Your map is deleted and the layers are cleared from the view.