11.10 Interpretations

You can write interpretations for the chart, pivot table, map, event report, and event chart items. Click on the interpretations button , and the item will be expanded vertically underneath to show the interpretations and replies. You can like an interpretation, reply to an interpretation, and add your own interpretation. You can edit or delete your own interpretations and replies, and if you have moderator access, you can delete others’ interpretations.

It is possible to format the text with bold , italic by using the Markdown style markers * and _ for bold and italic respectively. Keyboard shortcuts are also available: Ctrl/Cmd + B and Ctrl/Cmd + I. A limited set of smilies is supported and can be used by typing one of the following character combination: :) :-) :( :-( :+1 :-1. URLs are automatically detected and converted into a clickable link.