4.5 Follow-up analysis

4.5.1 About follow-up analysis

The follow-up analysis creates a list of all data values marked for follow-up. You can mark a data value for follow-up in the Data Entry app and in the result list you get from a standard deviation outlier or minimum maximum outlier analysis.

4.5.2 Create list of data values marked for follow-up

  1. Open the Data Quality app and click Follow-up analysis .

  2. Select a data set or multiple data sets.

  3. Select a parent Organisation unit .

    The analysis process duration depends on the amount of data that is being analysed. If there are data values marked for follow-up, they will be presented in a list.

  4. Select a Start Date and End Date which defines the periods which you are interested in looking for values which have been marked for follow up.

  5. Press Follow up to generate a list of values which have been marked for follow up.

  6. (Optional) Click Download as PDF , Download as Excel or Download as CSV to download the validation violations list in PDF, Excel or CSV formats.


Click the star icon to remove the follow-up tag from the data value. You can also enter a comment in the field to indicate any additional information regarding the value.