11.3 Creating a dashboard

To create a new dashboard, click the green + button in the left corner of the control bar to go into create mode. Add a title in the title field, and optionally a description in the description field.

Create mode:

11.3.1 Adding items to the dashboard

Add items to the dashboard by searching from the item selector in the upper right part of the dashboard area. Available items include:

  • Pivot tables

  • Charts

  • Maps

  • Event reports

  • Event charts

  • Report

  • Resources

  • Apps

  • Email

  • Text boxes

  • Spacer

The list of items in the drop-down initially displays the first 5 available from each category, based on the search text you enter. Email, text boxes and spacer items are also found in the drop-down. To view more items, click on SEE MORE , and the list for that type will be extended to 15 items. If you still do not find the item you want, try typing a more specific search text.

Once you select an item, it will be added to the top left position of the dashboard. The added items can be moved using the mouse by down-clicking on the item and dragging it to the desired position. It can also be resized with the mouse by down-clicking on the drag handle in the lower right corner of the item and dragging to the desired size.

11.3.2 Spacer items

The dashboard is configured with the “anti-gravity” setting for positioning items. This means that items will “rise” upwards until they run into another item. In order to force empty vertical space between items (like an empty row), you can add spacer items to the dashboard. They are only visible in edit/create mode. In view mode, they are not displayed, but take up the defined space.

Spacer in edit/create mode:

Spacer in view mode: