1 About this guide

The DHIS2 documentation is a collective effort and has been developed by the development team and users. While the guide strives to be complete, there may be certain functionalities which have been omitted or which have yet to be documented. This section explains some of the conventions which are used throughout the document.

DHIS2 is a browser-based application. In many cases, screenshots have been included for enhanced clarity. Shortcuts to various functionalities are displayed such as Data element > Data element group . The “>” symbol indicates that you should click Data element and then click Data element group in the user interface.

Different styles of text have been used to highlight important parts of the text or particular types of text, such as source code. Each of the conventions used in the document are explained below.


A note contains additional information which should be considered or a reference to more information which may be helpful.


A tip can be a useful piece of advice, such as how to perform a particular task more efficiently.


Important information should not be ignored, and usually indicates something which is required by the application.


Information contained in these sections should be carefully considered, and if not heeded, could result in unexpected results in analysis, performance, or functionality.


Information contained in these sections, if not heeded, could result in permanent data loss or affect the overall usability of the system.

Program listings usually contain some type of computer code.
They will be displayed with a shaded background and a different font.

Commands will be displayed in bold text, and represent a command which would need to be executed on the operating system or database.

Links to external web sites or cross references will be displayed in blue text, and underlined like this. .

Bibliographic references will displayed in square brackets like this Store2007. A full reference can be found in the bibliography contained at the end of this document.