4.8 Viewing a dashboard

When in view mode, you can toggle showing the description, star a dashboard, apply a dashboard filter, and share the dashboard with other users and groups

To view the description, click on the i button to the right of the title

4.8.1 Starred dashboards

Your starred dashboards are listed first in the list of dashboards. To star a dashboard, click on the star button to the right of the title. When the star is “filled”, that means the dashboard is starred. Starring a dashboard only applies to you, not other users.

4.8.2 Filtering a dashboard

To filter the dashboard by organisation unit, click on the FILTER button to the right of the dashboard title. Select the organisation units you want to apply to the dashboard. This only affects you, no other users. The only dashboard items that are impacted by the organisation unit filter are visualization items (pivot table, chart, map) that have their organisation unit configured to “User org unit”. If you reload the dashboard, the filter will be cleared.