19.6 Enable support for OpenID

DHIS2 supports the OpenID standard, which allows third party login using a OpenID provider, for more information see http://openid.net . To create a custom OpenID URL for a user name you can visit this URL and log in with your OpenID provider: http://openid-provider.appspot.com .

To enable support for OpenID in DHIS2, you must:

  1. Set your OpenID provider : This can be done inside system settings, under “Access”. Here you can set both the OpenID provider, and also the label to display on the login page to login with this provider (defaults to Login with OpenID).

  2. Set the OpenID identifier on the user : For every user that should be able to login with his OpenID identifier, you will need to set this on the user itself. This can be done in user management, under the email field, there is not a field called OpenID which can be used to fill in the OpenID identifier.