5 Messaging

5.1 About messages and feedback messages

Within DHIS2 you can send messages and feedback messages to users, user groups and organisation units. When you send a feedback message, it is routed to a particular user group called the feedback recipient group. If you are a member of this user group, you have access to feedback handling tools. You can, for example, set the status of an incoming feedback to “Pending” while you are waiting for information.

In addition to the user-to-user and feedback messages, depending on your configuration the system will also send you system-generated messages. These messages could be triggered by different events, including system or background job failures and validation analysis results. Feedback handling tools are also available for validation results and the priority will be set to the importance of the validation rule violated.


Messages and feedback messages are not sent to users’ e-mail addresses, the messages only appear within DHIS2.