5.5 Manage feedback messages


You’ll only see feedback messages and have access to the feedback handling tools if you are a member of the user group that is set up to handle feedback messages.

You’ll receive feedback messages to your Messages inbox. For feedback messages you’ve the following options in addition to the messages options:

Feedback handling tools
Function Description


You can mark a feedback message with different priorities: None , Low , Medium or High .

Setting the priority makes it easier to keep track of which feedback message you need resolved first, and which feedback messages that can wait.


All feedback messages get the status Open when created.

To keep track of existing feedback messages, you can change the status to Pending , Invalid or Solved .

You can filter feedback messages in your inbox based on their status. This makes it easier to switch between feedback messages and normal messages.

Assigned to

You can assign a feedback message to any member of the user group that is set up to handle feedback messages.

None means that you haven’t assigned a user to the feedback message.

Internal reply

When you work in a feedback handling team you might want to discuss the feedback before sending an answer to the sender. You can keep this discussion in the same message conversation as the feedback itself.

To send a reply that within the feedback handling user group, click Internal reply .