16.4 Data visibility

If the option Hide unapproved data in analytics is enabled, data will be hidden from viewing by users associated with higher levels. When determining whether a data record should be hidden for a specific user, the system associates a user with a specific approval level and compares it to the level to which the data record has been approved up to. A user is associated with the approval level which matches the level of the organisation unit(s) she is linked to, or if no approvel level exists at that level, the next approval level linked to an organisation unit level below herself. A user will be allowed to see data which has been approved up to the level immediately below her associated approval level. The rationale behind this is that a user must be ablet to view the data that has been approved below so that she can eventually view and approve it herself.

Note that if the user has been granted the View unapproved data or the ALL authority she will be able to view data irrespective of the approval status.

Lets consider the following example: There are four organisation unit levels, with approval levels associated with level 2 and 4. User A at country level (1) gets associated with approval level 1 since the approval level exists at the same level as the organisation unit level. User B gets associated with approval level 2 since there is no approval level directly linked to her organisation unit level and approval level 2 is the immediate level below. User C gets associated with approval level 2. User D is below all approval levels which implies that she can see all data entered at or below her organisation unit level.

Hiding of unapproved data
Hiding of unapproved data

Using this example, lets consider some scenarios: