16.6 Approving by category option group set

When defining an approval level, you specify the organisation unit level at which data will be approved. You may also optionally specify a category option group set. This is useful if you are using category option groups to define additional dimensions of your data, and you want approvals to be based on these dimensions. The following examples illustrate how this can be done within a single category option group set, and by using multiple category option group sets.

16.6.1 Approving by one category option group set

For example, suppose you define a category option group set to represent NGOs who serve as healthcare partners at one or more organisation units. Each category option group within this set represents a different partner. The category option group for Partner 1 may group together category options (such as funding account codes) that are used by that partner as a dimension of the data. So data entered by Partner 1 is attributed to a category option in Partner 1’s category option group. Whereas data entered by partner 2 is attributed to a category option in Partner 2’s category option group:

Example Category Option Groups
Category option group set Category option group Category options
Partner Partner 1 Account 1A, Account 1B
Partner Partner 2 Account 2A, Account 2B

Each partner could enter data for their accounts independently of the other, for the same or different workflows, at the same or different facilities. So for example, data can be entered and/or aggregated at the following levels for each partner, independently of each other:

Example category option groups
Example category option groups


You can use the sharing feature on category options and category option groups to insure that a user can enter data (and/or see data) only for certain category options and groups. If you don’t want users to see data that is aggregated beyond of their assigned category options and/or category option groups, you can assign Selected dimension restrictions for data analysis , when adding or updating a user.

You can optionally define approval levels for partner data within any or all of these organisation unit levels. For example, you could define any or all of the following approval levels:

Example Category Option Group Set approval levels
Approval level Organisation unit level Category option group set
1 Country Partner
2 District Partner
3 Facility Partner