4.2 Dashboard and control bar

Dashboards have a title, description, and any number of dashboard items. The dashboard items can be of many different types, including charts, maps, reports, tables, resources, messages, and text items. Above the dashboard is the control bar, which shows all your available dashboards, including a dashboard search field, and a + button for creating a new dashboard.

The dashboard has two modes: view and edit/create. When you first log in to DHIS2, your most recently used dashboard will be displayed in view mode, if you are on the same computer as you were previously. If you are using a different computer, then the first starred dashboard will be displayed. if there are no starred dashboards, then the first dashboard will be displayed. Starred dashboards always show first in the dashboard list.

The screenshot below shows a dashboard called “Antenatal Care”, which has been populated with charts and maps.

4.2.1 Searching in the list of dashboards

You can search for a specific dashboard using the search field in the upper left of the control bar entitled “Search for a dashboard”. The search is case insensitive, and as you type, the list of dashboards will filter down to those that match your search text.

4.2.2 Customizing the height of the control bar

You can set a specific height for the dashboards control bar by down-clicking and dragging the bottom edge of the control bar. When you finish dragging, the new height will be set. Clicking on SHOW MORE will expand the control bar to its maximum height (10 “rows”). Clicking on SHOW LESS will reset the height to your customized height.