8.4 Create a TEI and enroll it in a program

You can create a TEI and enroll that TEI to a program in one operation:

  1. Open the Tracker Capture app.

  2. In the organisation unit tree in the left hand pane, select an organisation unit.

  3. Select a program.

  4. Click Register .

  5. Fill in the required information.

  6. If searching for program is configured, a background search will be performed on searchable fields to help you prevent registering duplicates. If there is any matching TEIs, a blue box will be displayed on the right side of the form with the possibility to view these matching TEIs.

If there is any matching TEIs, click Continue to review possible duplicates before registering a new one.

If there is no matching TEIs, click Save and continue or Save and add new

(img integrated search)