30.4 Connect local instance to central instance

To enable metadata synchronization, you must configure the connection between the local instance and the central instance.

  1. On the local instance, open the System Settings app and click Synchronization .

  2. Add the central DHIS2 instance’s details to the local instance:

    • Remote server URL

    • Remote server user name

    • Remote server password

  3. Go to the Metadata versioning section and select Enable versioning for metadata sync .

  4. (Optional) Select Don’t sync metadata if DHIS2 versions differ .

    The metadata schema changes between versions of DHIS2 which could make different metadata versions incompatible.

    When enabled, this option will not allow metadata synchronization to occur if the central and local instance(s) have different DHIS2 versions. This apply to metadata synchronization done both via the user interface and the API.

    The only time it might be valuable to disable this option is when synchronizing basic entities, for example data elements, that have not changed across DHIS2 versions.

  5. (Optional) Configure email notifications to notify users about successful or unsuccessful metadata synchronization:

    1. Open the System Settings app and click Email .

    2. Enter Host name , Port , User name , Password and Email sender .

    3. Click Server and enter a System notifications email address .

      This email address will receive notifications about the metadata synchronization status.


    When you receive email notification about a metadata synchronization failure, check which metadata version that causes the error and resolve it. Then you avoid future errors when the system downloads new metadata versions.