30.3 Configure metadata versioning on central instance


To synchronize metadata, the user account of the central system must have the following authority:


Only users with this authority will then be able to create and download metadata. This is to ensure security of the central system where the metadata is created. Instead of giving the credentials of user having ALL authority to the field instances, you need to create a user having this specific authority only.

  1. On the central instance, open the System Settings app and click Synchronization .

  2. Go to the Metadata versioning section and select Enable versioning for metadata sync .

  3. (Optional) Select Don’t sync metadata if DHIS2 versions differ .

  4. Select a type of metadata version: Best effort or Atomic .

    • Best effort means that if the metadata import encounters missing references (for example missing data elements on a data element group import) it ignores the errors and continues the import.

    • Atomic means all or nothing - the metadata import will fail if any of the references do not exist.


      Each metadata entity is associated with a “User” object. If this “User” reference is missing while importing metadata version of type ATOMIC, the import will fail at the validation phase itself. This means that the user who creates metadata also needs to synchronize down to local instances to successfully import the metadata version of type ATOMIC.

  5. Click Create new version . The new version is added to the versioning table.