8.12 Add a relationship to a TEI

You can create a relationship from one TEI to another, for example linking a mother and a child together or a husband and a wife. Depending on how the relationship type is configured, the relative can inherit attributes.

Assume there are two programs: Antenatal care for the mother and Immunization for the child. If first name, last name and address attributes are required for both programs, it is possible to configure last name and address attributes as inheritable. Then during child registration, there is no need to enter these inheritable attributes. You can add them automatically based on the mother’s value. If you want to have a different value for the child, you can override the automatically generated value.

  1. Open the Tracker Capture app.

  2. Open an existing TEI dashboard.

  3. In the Relationships widget, and click Add .

  4. Select a relationship type.

  5. Search for the relative and select it.

  6. Click Save .