1.29 Validation Results

Validation results are persisted results of violations found during a validation analysis. If you choose “persist results” when starting or scheduling a validation analysis, any violations found will be stored in the database. When a result is stored in the database it will be used for 3 things:

  1. Generating analytics based on the stored results.

  2. Peristed results that has not generated a notification, will do so, once.

  3. Keeping track of whether or not the result has generated a notification.

  4. Skipping rules that have been already checked when running validation analysis.

This means if you don’t persist your results, you will be unable to generate analytics for validation results, if checked, results will generate notfications every time it’s found and running validation analysis might be slower.

The validation results persisted can be viewed at the following endpoint:


You can also inspect an individual result using the validation result id in this endpoint:


Validation results are sent out to the appropriate users once every day, but can also be manually triggered to run on demand using the following api endpoint:


Only unsendt results are sendt using this endpoint.