1.62 Static content

The staticContent resource allows you to upload and retrieve custom logos used in DHIS2. The resource lets the user upload a file with an associated key, which can later be retrieved using the key. Only PNG files are supported and can only be uploaded to the “logo_banner” and “logo_front” keys.

Static content keys
Key Description
logo_banner Logo in the application top menu on the left side.
logo_front Logo on the login-page above the login form.

To upload a file, send the file with a POST request to:

POST /api/26/staticContent/<key>

Example request to upload logo.png to the logo_front key:

curl -F "file=@logo.png;type=image/png" "https://play.dhis2.org/demo/api/26/staticContent/logo_front"
  -X POST -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -u admin:district -v

Uploading multiple files with the same key will overwrite the existing file. This way, retrieving a file for any given key will only return the latest file uploaded.

To retrieve a logo, you can GET the following:

GET /api/26/staticContent/<key>

Example request to retrieve the file stored for logo_front:

curl "https://play.dhis2.org/demo/api/26/staticContent/logo_front" -L -X GET -u admin:district -v

To use custom logos, you need to enable the corresponding system settings by setting it to true . If the corresponding setting is false, the default logo will be served.