1.64 Read-Only configuration service

To access configuration you can now use read-only service. This service will provide read-only access to UserSettings, SystemSettings and DHIS2 server configurations You can get XML and JSON responses through the Accept header. You can GET all settings from:


You can get filtered settings based on setting type:

GET /api/28/configuration/settings/filter?type=USER_SETTING

GET /api/28/configuration/settings/filter?type=CONFIGURATION

More than one type can be provided

GET /api/28/configuration/settings/filter?type=USER_SETTING&type=SYSTEM_SETTING
SettingType values
Value Description
USER_SETTING To get user settings
SYSTEM_SETTING To get system settings
CONFIGURATION To get DHIS server settings

NOTE: Fields which are confidential will be provided in the output but with no values.