1.44 Push Analysis

The push analysis api includes endpoints for previewing a push analysis report for the logged in user and manually triggering the system to generate and send push analysis reports, in addition to the normal CRUD operations. When using the create and update endpoints for push analysis, the push analysis will be scheduled to run based on the properties of the push analysis. When deleting or updating a push analysis to be disabled, the job will also be stopped from running in the future.

To get a HTML preview of an existing push analysis, you can do a GET request to the following endpoint:


To manually trigger a push analysis job, you can do a POST request to this endpoint:


A push analysis consists of the following properties, where some are required to automaticly run push analysis jobs:

Push analysis properties
Property Description Type Required
dashboard Dashboard on which reports are based Dashboard UID Yes
message Appears after title in reports String No
recipientUserGroups A set of user groups who should receive the reports One or more user Group UID No. Scheduled jobs without any recipient will be skipped.
enabled Indicated whether this push analysis should be scheduled or not. False by default. Boolean Yes. Must be true to be scheduled.
schedulingFrequency The frequency of which reports should be scheduled. “DAILY”, “WEEKLY”, “MONTHLY” No. Push analysis without a frequency will not be scheduled
schedulingDayOfFrequency The day in the frequency the job should be scheduled. Integer. Any value when frequency is “DAILY”. 0-7 when frequency is “WEEKLY”. 1-31 when frequency is “MONTHLY” No. Push analysis without a valid day of frequency for the frequency set will not be scheduled.