1.26 Forms

To retrieve information about a form (which corresponds to a data set and its sections) you can interact with the form resource. The form response is accessible as XML and JSON and will provide information about each section (group) in the form as well as each field in the sections, including label and identifiers. By supplying period and organisation unit identifiers the form response will be populated with data values.

Form query parameters
Parameter Option Description
pe ISO period Period for which to populate form data values.
ou UID Organisation unit for which to populate form data values.
metaData false | true Whether to include metadata about each data element of form sections.

To retrieve the form for a data set you can do a GET request like this:


To retrieve the form for the data set with identifier “BfMAe6Itzgt” in XML:


To retrieve the form including metadata in JSON:


To retrieve the form filled with data values for a specific period and organisation unit in XML:


When it comes to custom data entry forms, this resource also allows for creating such forms directly for a data set. This can be done through a POST or PUT request with content type text/html where the payload is the custom form markup such as:

curl -d @form.html "localhost/api/26/dataSets/BfMAe6Itzgt/form"
  -H "Content-Type:text/html" -u admin:district -X PUT -v