1.43 Data set report

Data set reports can be generated trough the web api using the /dataSetReport resource. This resource generates reports on data set and returns the result in the form of a HTML table.


The request supports the following parameters:

Accepted parameters of /dataSetReport resource
Parameter Description Type Required
ds Data set to create the report from Data set UID Yes
pe Period to create the report from ISO String Yes
ou Organisation unit to create the report from Organisation unit UID Yes
dimension Dimensions to be used as filters for the report One or more UIDs No
selectedUnitOnly Whether to use captured or aggregated data Boolean No

The data set report resource accepts GET requests only. An example request to retrieve a report for a data set and orgunit for 2015 looks like this:

GET /api/dataSetReport?ds=BfMAe6Itzgt&pe=201610&ou=ImspTQPwCqd&selectedUnitOnly=false