1.77 App store

The Web API exposes the content of the DHIS2 App Store as a JSON representation which can found at the api/appStore resource.


1.77.1 Get apps

You can retrieve apps with a GET request:

GET /api/28/appStore

A sample JSON response is described below.

      "name": "Tabular Tracker Capture",
      "description": "Tabular Tracker Capture is an app that makes you more effective.",
      "sourceUrl": "https://github.com/dhis2/App-repository",
      "appType": "DASHBOARD_WIDGET",
      "status": "PENDING",
      "id": "NSD06BVoV21",
      "developer": {
          "name": "DHIS",
          "organisation": "Uio",
          "address": "Oslo",
          "email": "dhis@abc.com",
      "versions": [
          "id": "upAPqrVgwK6",
          "version": "1.2",
          "minDhisVersion": "2.17",
          "maxDhisVersion": "2.20",
          "downloadUrl": "https://www.dhis2.org/download/appstore/tabular-tracker-capture-12.zip",
          "demoUrl": "http://play.dhis2.org/demo"
      "images": [
          "id": "upAPqrVgwK6",
          "logo": "true",
          "imageUrl": "https://www.dhis2.org/download/appstore/tabular-tracker-capture-12.png",
          "description": "added feature snapshot",
          "caption": "dialog",

1.77.2 Install apps

You can install apps on your instance of DHIS2 assuming you have the appropriate permissions. An app is referred to using the id property of the relevant version of the app . An app is installed with a POST request with the version id to the following resource:

POST /api/26/appStore/{app-version-id}