4.9 Definitions

[1] “Classpath” refers to the root of a JAR file, /WEB-INF/lib or /WEB-INF/classes in a WAR-file and /src/main/resources in the source code; locations from where the JVM is able to load classes.

[2] JFreeChart class located in the org.jfree.chart.renderer package.

[3] JFreeChart class located in the org.jfree.data.category package.

[4] Operations related to creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting objects.

[5] Model-View-Controller, design pattern for web applications which separates mark-up code from application logic code.

[6] The WAR-file dependency is a Maven construct and allows projects to access the WAR file contents during runtime.

[7] Project Object Model, the key configuration file in a Maven 2 project.

[8] Represents the front controller in the MVC design pattern in Struts.

[9] Hibernate second-level cache does not provide satisfactory performance.