2 Apps

A packaged app is an Open Web App that has all of its resources (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, app manifest, and so on) contained in a zip file. It can be uploaded to a DHIS2 installation directly through the user interface at runtime. A packaged app is a ZIP file with an app manifest in its root directory. The manifest must be named manifest.webapp . A throrough description of apps can be obtained here .

2.1 Purpose of packaged Apps

The purpose of packaged apps is to extend the web interface of DHIS2, without the need to modify the source code of DHIS2 itself. A system deployment will often have custom and unique requirements. The apps provide a convenient extension point to the user interface. Through apps, you can complement and customize the DHIS2 core functionality with custom solutions in a loosely coupled and clean manner.

Apps do not have permissions to interact directly with DHIS2 Java API. Instead, apps are expected to use functionality and interact with the DHIS2 services and data by utilizing the DHIS2 Web API.