dhis2-clone — Clones the database of one instance to another instance


/usr/bin/dhis2-clone {master} {copy}


This command creates a copy of the database and war file of one instance into another instance. The main use case for this is where you want to setup an instance for training purposes. Trainees can be "let loose" on the training instance without fear of disturbing the data or configuration of the production instance. They will however be working with the same usernames, forms and reports which exist in the master. The command should be executed with care as it will completely replace the existing database of the target instance

Scheduled datamart and analytics generation jobs are disabled in the target instance.

The command could conceivably be scheduled to run in the early morning to ensure that the database is restored to a pristine state for the start of each day's training. Or it can be run on demand.


dhis2-clone hmis training

Creates a new instance called training from an existing instance called hmis.