22.5. Create a filter

  1. To create a filter, go to Issues > Search for issues.

  2. Add filters to your search such as:

    • Project – the main software project is DHIS 2.

    • Type – you can filter by Standard Issue Types such as New Features, Improvements, Bugs or Epic or Sub-Task Issue Types.

    • Status – filter by To Do (not started) and Done, for example.

    • Version - click More > All Criteria > Fix version to filter by DHIS2 release number.

    • Internal - click More > Internal feature to exclude low-level (back end) features from your search.

  3. Click Save As. This button is at the top of the Search pane.

  4. Enter a name for your search filter and click Submit. Your filter is now available in Favorite Filters. Use the arrow to modify your filter. Your filter is also available on the System Dashboard.