21.6. DHIS2 Bibliography

DHIS2 has a rich set of academic literature which can serve as useful resources during implementations, project proposals and more detailed reading than what is appropriate for a general user manual. A specialized bibliography has been added to the source code of the application. BibTeX is a specialized language which is widely used in the academic world to handle bibliographic databases. A large number of free and open source tools are capable of working with BibTeX. Currently, the recommended tool of choice for manipulating the DHIS2 bibliography is JabRef.

To get started with the bibliography, download a copy of JabRef and open the /src/bibliography/dhis2_bibliography.bib file. . Add some new references, then export the bibliography back to the /src/docbkx/en/dhis2_bibliography.xml file, using the DocBook 5.0 export format. The updated bibliography will automatically be included in the documentation after you commit your changes.