6.3. Material and courses

There is comprehensive material available for training and courses. The main source will be the three manuals available from the DHIS2 documentation repository, to be found here.

The user documentation covers the background and purpose of DHIS2 together with instructions and explanations of how to perform data entry, system maintenance, meta-data set-up, import and export of data, aggregation, reporting and other topics related to the usage of the software. The developer documentation covers the technical architecture, the design of each module and use of the development frameworks behind DHIS2. The implementation guide is targeted at implementers and super-users and addresses subjects such as system design, database development, data harmonization, analysis, deployment, human resources needed and integration with other systems. The end user manual is a light-weight version of the user documentation meant for end users such as district records officers and data entry clerks. All can be opened/downloaded as both PDF and HTML, and are updated daily with the latest input from DHIS2 users worldwide.

The development of these guides depend on input from all users. For information how to to add content to them, please see the appendix on documentation in the User Documentation. Here you will also find information about how to make localized documentation, including versioning in different languages.

From 2011, regional workshops and courses will be held at least once a year by the international DHIS2 community. The goal is to have national technical teams working with DHIS2 customization and implementation. Sessions will also include training and capacity building by these teams in-country. End-user training, i.e. training of district M&E officers, should take place in each county by these teams.