1.3. Capacity building

1.3.1. DHIS core team (DCT)

  • DCT will need all skills necessary for a sustainable, evolving system. This includes technical skills (DHIS2 adaptation, server maintenance), system knowledge (architectures and design principles), organizational (integration strategies), and project management (organising structured support and training).

  • DCT members should attend the regional/global DHIS2 Academy frequently (e.g. twice a year) to ensure high quality training, continuous communication with the broader expert community, and to make sure the local team is up to date with new functionalities and enhancements in recent releases of the DHIS 2 platform. DCT will be responsible for adapting and cascading this regional training curriculum to a broader group of users within country.

1.3.2. Country training strategies

  • DCT should offer training in relation to the implementation, and continuously thereafter to meet growing demands, system updates and staff turnover.

  • Adapting and developing training material and reference guides to reflect local information needs and local system content is important.

1.3.3. Continuous training opportunities

  • As user experience is growing, more advanced training should be offered. Information use training for district medical officers and health programme managers is crucial early on to enrol stakeholders to use the information in decision making.