3.5. Follow-up analysis

3.5.1. About follow-up analysis

The follow-up analysis creates a list of all data values marked for follow-up. You can mark a data value for follow-up in the Data Entry app and in the result list you get from a standard deviation outlier or minimum maximum outlier analysis.

3.5.2. Create list of data values marked for follow-up

  1. Open the Data Quality app and click Follow-up analysis.

  2. Select an Organisation unit.

    The analysis process duration depends on the amount of data that is being analysed. If there are data values marked for follow-up, they will be presented in a list.

  3. (Optional) Click Download as PDF, Download as Excel or Download as CSV to download the validation violations list in PDF, Excel or CSV formats.


Click the star icon to remove the follow-up tag from the data value.