7.5. Manage facilities in a layer

You can have facilities in Facility, Boundary and Thematic layers.

7.5.1. Relocate a facility

  1. Right-click a facility and click Relocate.

  2. Put the cursor in the new location.

    The new coordinate is stored permanently. This cannot be undone.

7.5.2. Swap longitude and latitude of a facility

  1. Right-click a facility and click Swap long/lat.

    This is useful if a user inverted latitude and longitude coordinates when creating the organisation unit.

7.5.3. Display facility information

You can view organisation unit information set by the administrator as follows:

Table 7.1. View organisation unit information


View information for the current period

  1. Click a facility.

View information for a selected period

  1. Right-click a facility and click Show information.

  2. In the Infrastructural data section, select a period.


You configure the displayed infrastructural data in the System Settings app.