19.3. Using the DHIS2 translation server

A web-based portal solution has been setup in order to facilitate the translation of DHIS 2 into multiple languages. Simply direct your browser to https://translate.dhis2.net/ and register for an account by providing a username, email address and password. The server will send you a confirmation email which you can use to activate your account. Once you have activated your account, simply press the "Log in" link from the main portal page, and provide your username and password.

The first time you login, you should select your settings, by clicking "My account->Settings". Here you can select your interface language, the projects which you wish to work on, and the languages which you will translate into. Be sure to press "Save" when you have finished making your changes.

To start translating, be sure you have logged in, and then press the "Home" link in the upper-right hand corner. Select a project (e.g. DHIS2) and then click on the language which you wish to translate. The number of words which need to be translated will be displayed under the "Summary" field. Click on one of the modules (e.g. dhis-2) and then keep drilling down through the folders to find a module which needs translation, (e.g. dhis-web->dhis-web-caseentry). Now click on the "Summary" text which will say something like "194 words need attention". You will be directed to the string which requires translation.

Simply translate the term, and then press "Submit". Your translations will be incorporated into the source code on a regular basis by the development team.