8.15. Working with the PostgreSQL database

Common operations when managing a DHIS2 instance are dumping and restoring databases. To make a dump (copy) of your database, assuming the setup from the installation section, you can invoke the following:

pg_dump dhis2 -U dhis -f dhis2.sql

The first argument (dhis2) refers to the name of the database. The second argument (dhis) refers to the database user. The last argument (dhis2.sql) is the file name of the copy. If you want to compress the file copy immediately you can do:

pg_dump dhis2 -U dhis | gzip > dhis2.sql.gz

To restore this copy on another system, you first need to create an empty database as described in the installation section. You also need to gunzip the copy if you created a compressed version. You can the invoke:

psql -d dhis2 -U dhis -f dhis2.sql