21.4. Getting the document source

In order to edit the documentation, you will need to download the source of the documentation to your computer. GitHub uses a version control system known as git . There are different methods for getting Git working on your system, depending on which operating system you are using. A good step-by-step guide for Microsoft® operating systems can be viewed here. Alternatively, if you are comfortable using the command line, you can download git from this page If you are using Linux, you will need to install git on your system through your package manager, or from source code. A very thorough reference for how git is used is available in a number of different formats here.

Once you have installed git on your system, you will need to download the document source. Just follow this procedure:

  1. Make sure you have git installed.

  2. On Windows® systems, visit https://github.com/dhis2/dhis2docs and press "Clone in Desktop". If you are using the command line, just type git clone git@github.com:dhis2/dhis2docs.git

  3. The download process should start and all the documentation source files will be downloaded to the folder that you specified.

  4. The DHIS2 documents depend on other branches for their documentation. Be sure to keep these these up to date as well. When you build the documentation, the necessary submodules will be downloaded automatically as part of the build process ,if you have not already done so.

  5. Once you have the source, be sure to create your own branch for editing. Simply execute git checkout -b mybranch where mybranch is the name of the branch you wish to create.