Chapter 21. DHIS2 Documentation Guide

Table of Contents

21.1. DHIS2 Documentation System Overview
21.2. Introduction
21.3. Getting started with GitHub
21.4. Getting the document source
21.5. Editing the documentation
21.6. DHIS2 Bibliography
21.7. Using images
21.8. Linking documents together
21.9. Handling multilingual documentation
21.10. Building the documentation
21.10.1. Building the documentation with Apache maven
21.10.2. Building with xmlto
21.11. Committing your changes back to GitHub

21.1. DHIS2 Documentation System Overview

DHIS2 is a web-based information management system under very active development with typically four releases per year. Each release typically includes a number of new features and additional functionality. Given the fast pace of development, the system's wide user base and distributed, global nature of development, a comprehensive documentation system is required. An in-depth discussion of the need for documentation of DHIS2 has been considered previously.[Store2007] DocBook is a comprehensive, standard XML based markup language for the creation of books, papers and other technical documents maintained by OASIS . In this chapter, we will describe the documentation system of DHIS2 and how you can contribute.