12.3. Change the display of your pivot table

  1. Click Options.

  2. Set the options as required.

    Table 12.2. Table options


    Show column totals

    Show row totals

    Displays total values in the table for each row and column, as well as a grand total for all values in the table.

    Show column sub-totals

    Show row sub-totals

    Displays subtotals in the table for each dimension. In the screenshot above, notice how subtotals are generated for each of the periods in the period dimension. If you only select one dimension, subtotals will be hidden for those columns or rows. This is because the values will be equal to the subtotals.

    Show dimension labels

    Shows the dimension names as part of the pivot tables.

    Hide empty rows

    Hides empty rows from the table, which is useful when looking at large tables where a big part of the dimension items do not have data in order to keep the table more readable.

    Skip rounding

    Skips the rounding of data values, offering the full precision of data values. Can be useful for finance data where the full dollar amount is required.

    Aggregation type

    The default aggregation operator can be over-ridden here, by selecting a different aggregation operator. Some of the aggregation types are Count, Min and Max.

    Show hierarchy

    Shows the name of all ancestors for organisation units, for example "Sierra Leone / Bombali / Tamabaka / Sanya CHP" for Sanya CHP. The organisation units are then sorted alphabetically which will order the organisation units perfectly according to the hierarchy.

    Include only completed events

    Includes only completed events in the aggregation process. This is useful for example to exclude partial events in indicator calculations.

    Display density

    Controls the size of the cells in the table. You can set it to "comfortable", "normal" and "compact".

    The "compact" option is handy in order to fit large tables into the browser screen.

    Font size

    Controls the size of the table text font. Can be set to "large", "normal" and "small".

    Digit group separator

    Controls which character to separate groups of digits or "thousands". Can be set to "comma", "space" and "none".

    Legend set

    Shows a colour indicator next to the values. Currently the GIS legend sets are being used.

  3. Click Update.