13.5. Select series, category and filter

You can define which dimension of the data you want to appear as series, category and filter.

  1. Click Layout.

  2. Drag and drop the dimensions to the appropriate space. Only one dimension can be in each section.

  3. Click Update.

Example 13.1. Chart illustrating the concepts of series, categories and filter

  • Series: A series is a set of continuous, related elements (for example periods or data elements) which you want to visualize in order to emphasize trends or relations in its data.

  • Categories: A category is a set of elements (for example indicators or organisation units) for which you want to compare its data.

  • Filter: The filter selection will filter the data displayed in the chart. Note that if you use the data dimension as filter, you can only specify a single indicator or data set as filter item, whereas with other dimension types you can select any number of items.