Chapter 13. Using the Data Visualizer app

Table of Contents

13.1. Data Visualizer overview
13.2. Create a chart
13.3. Select a chart type
13.4. Select dimension items
13.4.1. Select indicators
13.4.2. Select data elements
13.4.3. Select reporting rates
13.4.4. Select fixed and relative periods
13.4.5. Select organisation units
13.4.6. Select additional dimension items
13.5. Select series, category and filter
13.6. Change the display of your chart
13.7. Manage favorites
13.7.1. Open a favorite
13.7.2. Save a favorite
13.7.3. Rename a favorite
13.7.4. Write an interpretation for a favorite
13.7.5. Create a link to a favorite
13.7.6. Delete a favorite
13.7.7. View and comment interpretations
13.8. Download a chart as an image or a PDF
13.9. Download chart data source
13.10. Embed charts in any web page
13.11. Open a chart as a pivot table or as a map

13.1. Data Visualizer overview

With the Data Visualizer app, you can select content, for example indicators, data elements, periods and organisation units, for an analysis. The app works well over poor Internet connections and generates charts in the web browser.

  • You can hide and show individual data series in the chart by clicking directly on the series label in the chart. They appear either at the top or to the right of the chart.

  • You can click on the triple left-arrow button on the top centre menu. This collapses the left side menu and gives more space for the chart. You can get the menu back by clicking on the same button again.