18.3. Configuring data approval

In the Settings section under System Approval Settings you can specify the levels at which you want to approve data in the system. Click the Add new button on this page and select the organisation unit level at which you want approvals. It will be added to the list of approval settings. You may configure the system for approving data at every organisation unit level, or only at selected organisation unit levels.

Note that when you add a new approval level, you may optionally choose a Category option group set. This feature is discussed later in this chapter.

Also under System Approval Settings, you can define the workflows that will be used for approving data. Each workflow can be associated with one or more approval levels. Any two workflows may operate at all the same approval levels as each other, some of the same and some different levels, or completely different levels.

If you want data for a data set to be approved according to a workflow, then assign the workflow to the data set when you add or edit the data set. If you do not want data for a data set to be subject to approval, then do not assign any workflow to that data set. For data sets that you want to approve at the same time as each other, assign them to the same workflow. For data sets that you want to approve independently, assign each data set to its own workflow.

On the System Approval Settings page, you may select the option Hide unapproved data in analytics to hide unapproved data in reports, pivot table, data visualizer and GIS. If this option is checked, unapproved data will be hidden from users assigned to higher-level organisation units compared to where approval is required. Users who are assigned to organisation units where data is ready for approval can still view the data, as can users assigned to higher-level organisation units if they have the Approve data at lower levels authority. If this option is not checked, then all data is shown whether approved or not.