18.5. Approving data

To approve data, go to Reports and choose Data Approval. When this report shows data that is configured for approval, it shows the approval status of the data in the report. The approval status will be one of the following:

If the data you are viewing is in an approval state that can be acted upon, and if you have sufficient authority, one or more of the following actions will be available to you on the Data Approval form:

In order to unapprove data for a given organisation unit, you must have the authority to approve data for that organisation unit or to approve data for a higher-level organisation unit to which that data is aggregated. The reason for this is as follows: If you are reviewing data for approval at a higher organisation unit level, you should consider whether the data at lower organisation units are reasonable. If all lower-level data looks good, you can approve the data at the higher level. If some lower-level data looks suspect, you can unapprove the data at the lower level. This allows the data to be reviewed again at the lower level, corrected if necessary, and re-approved up through the organisation unit levels according to the hierarchy.