6.2. Setting up the dashboard

The dashboard can contain any number of objects (charts, maps, reports, tables, resources, etc). These can be freely arranged on the dashboard as you wish. Dashboard items can be located and added by searching for favourites, resources, users or messages in the available search box and clicking on the "Add" button.

In this screen shot, the dashboard has already been populated with a number of objects, such as charts, map views, tables and messages. There are several hyperlink options available on each item:

Maps, charts and tables can be viewed as full size as images (in the case of charts and map views) or as HTML resources (in the case of reports, tables and messages).

To reorder how the dashboard appears, simply drag-and-drop any of the objects to a new position. In order to change between the various dashboards which are available, simply select the listed items that are available to review. The list can be scrolled though by using the <, > symbols to the left of the dashboard names.