Chapter 6. Dashboards

Table of Contents

6.1. About dashboards
6.2. Setting up the dashboard
6.3. Change dashboards name
6.4. Add message widget to dashboards
6.5. Delete dashboards
6.6. Translate dashboard names
6.7. Dashboard Sharing
6.8. Manage messages and feedback messages
6.8.1. About messages and feedback messages
6.8.2. Create a message
6.8.3. Read a message
6.8.4. Create a feedback message
6.8.5. Configure feedback message function
6.8.6. Manage feedback messages

6.1. About dashboards

Dashboards are intended to provide quick access to different analytical objects (maps, charts, reports, tables, etc) to an individual user. Dashboards can also be shared with user groups.

Example 6.1. 

A user or administrator could create a dashboard called "Malaria" which might contain all relevant information on malaria. This dashboard could then be shared with the user group called "Malaria control", which might consist of all users of the malaria control program. All users within this group would then be able to view the same dashboard.