26.8. Enter event data for a TEI

In a TEI dashboard, you enter event data in the Timeline Data entry or Tabular data entry widgets.

Table 26.1. Data entry widgets in the Tracker Capture app

Widget name


Timeline Data entry

For data entry using either default or custom forms.

Depending on program definition, in particular program stages, events will be displayed in a timely fashion. Clicking on any of them displays the corresponding data entry. If a stage needs new event, a plus icon is displayed for new event creation. To proceed with data entry, it is mandatory to have event date. Once an event date is specified it is not possible to change due date. The assumption is that by specifying event date, the event has already taken place. If the event hasn't occurred yet, it is possible to change due date - this is effectively doing nothing but rescheduling. The buttons at the bottom help to change the status of a selected event.

Another key feature from this widget is addition of multiple notes for an event. Normally data recording is through data elements, however there are cases where it is necessary to record additional information or comments. This is where the notes section comes handy. However it is not possible to delete a note. The idea is notes are more like log books. Both skip-logic and validation error/warning messages are supported during data entry.

Tabular data entry

For tabular-style data entry.

The widget displays the list of program stages as left-hand side labels. Events will be listed in table for repeatable program stage, and allows for in-line edits of event data values.