26.4. Create a TEI

  1. Open the Tracker Capture app.

  2. In the organisation unit tree in the left hand pane, select an organisation unit.

  3. Verify that the Program field is empty.

  4. Click Register.

  5. Select an entity type.

  6. Fill in the required information.

  7. Click Save and continue or Save and add new.

    • Save and continue: completes the registration and opens the registered TEI's dashboard

    • Save and add new: completes the registration but stays on the same page. Use this option when you want to register one TEI after another without enrollment to a program.


For unique tracked entity attributes the system can automatically generate and assign numeric IDs. When registering tracked entity instances on web, the registration form will then automatically be populated with a number in the given pattern. On Android, the ID generation is used to reserve a series of IDs for each Android device. This allows offline registration of tracked entity instances without risking duplicate IDs when syncing with the server.

You configure automated IDs in the Maintenance app: Tracker > Tracked entity attribute.